mars; i hold sunlight


so, woah.

between my last post and now, so much has changed. i'm married with 2 kids and in a job that i love.

never did i think i would be here.

i don't think anyone i used to be friends with here would believe it either.
new girl; the winter from her leaving

if god was anything, he would be words

i am my own god. we are here to unlearn the teachings of the church, state, and our education system. we are here to drink beer. we are here to kill war. we are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that death will tremble to take us. -bukowski

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thirty. clueless. hopeful. loved. careful. anxious.
never been happier.
makes mistakes and then learns from them.
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piper; hey pretty girl won't you look my

remember when?

it's so funny to think about livejournal now a days. i have had my livejournal since 2005. and for five solid years of my life, this was my safe haven. this was the place that i came to because i didn't have anyone else. i made friends here, i made enemies here, and damn did i make memories here. i never thought i would like of a website with as much fondness as i do of livejournal. this site has really changed my life.

shiny things came along and made me shift my views. tumblr came around and it became my new safe haven. it was where i could show my inner fan girl and let her loose. it was what livejournal used to be for me. and then i just stopped using both.

i fell in love and i lived life. i got married. i changed in real life and it makes me think about all the variable that could've changed me. i should be a totally different person but because of the community and the friends i made here at livejournal, i am me. and i'm totally awesome so i guess i owe livejournal a huge thanks.

i wish that livejournal still had the fanbase it once did. that i could make friends the way i used to here. but i think that time is over. so i'll use livejournal for it's intended purpose and keep on journaling.